Please Join Us

Democratic Re-Organization Party

Friday, January 2, 2015

7:30 p.m.

Edgewater Volunteer Fire House (next to River Palm)



Thank you to all of the people of Edgewater for your support, faith and trust in allowing us to serve you for another term. We would like to send a special thanks to the Democratic party and our tireless campaign supporters for all of your help! Thanks to our Republican and Third Party rivals for the spirited debate this election season. We will work hard to complete Veterans Field, stabilize taxes and generally improve the quality of life in our beloved town!

WORK IS UNDERWAY AT VETERANS FIELD! The trucks are on the move and clearing all of the contaminated soil. Council members Michael Henwood and Luis Vidal are working every day to make sure progress stays on track to complete the Little League Field and walkway by spring 2015 and the entire park by summer 2015. For facts about the park renovation, please visit our Issues page.

“We will open Veterans Field and lower taxes.”

Dear Edgewater Residents,

We faced many challenges over the past few years, none more frustrating to our town than the stalled restoration of Veterans Field. But, after working to find solutions to move forward, we are now on the right track and ready to finish the job. We stand by our commitment to complete the park by summer 2015. Lowering taxes, relieving traffic congestion and improving the quality of life for all residents are also priorities that we’ll work hard to achieve.

We look forward to serving the Borough of Edgewater and hope to see you at the polls on November 4.


Michael H. Henwood

Jose Luis Vidal

About the Candidates

Michael H. Henwood

A lifelong resident of Edgewater, Michael Henwood cares deeply about the people and quality of life in Edgewater.

For the past three years, Mike has served on the Edgewater Council and has been the liaison to both the Edgewater Police Department and the Department of Public Works. He and Councilman Vidal have focused on controlling expenses, fiscal restraint and budget management.

In an effort to bring the community together and provide recreational programming during the closure of Veterans Field, Michael Henwood created a series of family-friendly summer events at the Marina. For the past three years, residents have enjoyed weekly volleyball games and concerts at the marina. This year, Mike also created “Movies at the Marina” to provide additional activities.

As liaison to the Police Department, Mike led the effort to hire communications personnel as dispatchers, freeing up more senior police to patrol the streets while helping to reduce overtime costs. Mike is also working with the DPW Superintendent to provide needed support in key areas such as fleet repair and maintenance, which will ultimately help reduce overall department expenses.

Michael is a 17-year member of the Edgewater Volunteer Fire Department, and five year member of the Volunteer First Aid Squad. In addition, he has served for five years as volunteer Chairman of the Edgewater Recreation Advisory Council and three years as a Commissioner on the Edgewater Housing Authority.

He is currently employed as a structured settlement financial consultant, certified by the University of Notre Dame. He earned his BS in Business Administration from Widener University in Chester, PA and MBA studies at the University of Miami. Born and raised in the Edgewater Colony, Mike currently resides at Hudson Harbor on River Road.

Jose Luis Vidal

Lou Vidal is devoted to finding innovative solutions for the betterment of Edgewater.

A long time public servant, Lou has served the Borough of Edgewater as Council member for six years, during which he has worked to reduce expenditures and save taxpayer dollars. He implemented best practices for managing the Borough’s budget by using historical data to better understand and predict spending patterns.

Lou brought the staggering costs of the Borough’s health care and police overtime to the forefront of budget discussions and is setting the path to lowering those costs. He also uncovered deficiencies in the tax assessor’s office and encouraged the council to replace personnel.

After Superstorm Sandy in October 2012, Lou went to Trenton and testified before the Senate Environment and Energy Committee to fight for legislation to help restore storm ravaged walkways along the Hudson River.

As council president for the past two years, Lou served as acting mayor after the untimely passing of Mayor Nancy Merse. He handled the transition period diplomatically and appointed James Delaney as mayor.

Prior to living in Edgewater, Lou served as councilmember for Palisades Park, including two terms as council president. He is a member of the Association of Financial Professionals and is currently enrolled in a graduate program at Farleigh Dickenson University, where he earned his undergraduate degree in business. His professional experience in business includes banking, international trade and real estate development and planning.